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by | 5th, October 2006

“COP OUT,” screams the Sun’s front page. “Muslim PC is excused duty at Israel embassy…on ‘moral grounds’.”

Inside, rent-a-yell former policeman, ex-Flying Squad commander John O’Connor, sees disaster ahead. “This is the beginning of the end for British policing,” says he. “Where will it end?” he asks. “This decision is going to allow officers to act in a discriminating and racist way.”

And we can’t have that. Racist police? Never! How dare Muslim copper PC Alexander Omar Basha tell his superiors that he is not prepared to guard London’s Israeli embassy.

PC Basha, part of the Met’s Diplomatic Protection Squad, does not care to look after the Israeli embassy in Kensington Palace Gardens. He doesn’t like what the Israelis did in Lebanon.

PC Basha is a copper with principles, who values the sanctity of life. And we look forward to his now boycotting duties at the Pakistani embassy, the Iraqi embassy, the Iranian embassy, the Jordanian embassy, the Algerian embassy, the Kuwaiti embassy, the Turkish embassy, the Afghani embassy, the Syrian embassy, the Saudi embassy and every other embassy of a country that has killed his fellow Muslims.

Including the Lebanese embassy, which represents Hizbollah, the life-loving humanitarian group that likes Israel because it gets lots of Jews in one place and so makes them easier to kill. Oh, and if they kill Israeli Muslims as well, then too bad.

And we assure Mr O’Connor that his fears are misplaced. PC Basha is a good cop, his name alone tells us that.

And remind him that the beginning of the end of British policing came when black Stephen Lawrence was, reportedly, murdered by white racists, and a mainly white police force managed to let the killers escape justice.

And then there was the undercover BBC documentary that revealed racism among police recruits. It heard one PC admit being racist, voting for the British National Party and saying Hitler had the “right ideas”. Would he have guarded the Israelis?

PC Basha is just another copper, albeit a prejudiced Muslim one…

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