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Brad And Angelina FC

by | 5th, October 2006

BRAD PITT, the professional good guy who left professional victim Jennifer Aniston and shacked up with professional fiancée Angelina Jolie and her rainbow nation, father to the messianic Shiloh (the most eagerly anticipated child since Jesus), is in conversation with the Mirror.

Brad is a real dreamboat, and in keeping with this dreamy exterior he talks as if in a waking dream. He says he has “become more clear in the direction that I’d like to take and the things that speak to me”.

Oh? “…now there’ a real pride in understanding myself and what’s important to me and my own values.” A-ha.

He says that children make him “more efficient”, and make his work mean more because “I know somewhere down the road” they will see it.

Indeed. Whether it’s shooting things in Mrs & Mrs Smith, stealing things in Ocean’s Eleven or punching things in Fight Club, we’re sure Shiloh, Maddox and Zahara will watch dad’s work with a keen eye.

And they will not be alone. The great thing about adopting children is that it does not ruin your figure. So when Brad says he wants more children, Angelina need not panic.

Says Brad: “I have three kids now and next year I’ll have six. Nine. We’re looking for a soccer team.”

Brad could just do as other Americans have and buy into the English Premier League. Why bother with children when you can adopt ready-made adults?

But Brad wants more. “I want to compete in the World Cup,” says he. With three children born in three different counties, Team Brad might have some trouble getting clearance from Fifa, football’s governing body. It prefers national teams to represent bona fide nations and be a composite blend of players born in that nation.

Although Brad’s quest is not without precedent, and if the Republic of Ireland can do it, why not Pitt’s nine-strong Team Hollywood?

Especially with David Beckham in charge of team affairs…

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