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Paying The Penalty

by | 6th, October 2006

“CAN we have our ball back police?!”

The Mirror focuses on Angela Hickling, 56. Angela has been arrested, and, consequentially, had her fingerprints and DNA taken.

Officers have searched her garden. They have “rifled” through her drawers and cupboards.

“It’s unbelievable that police waste time over such a trivial matter,” says she. “There are burglars breaking into homes, people selling drugs and pensioners being mugged.”

Indeed. And perhaps during the course of this investigation, Angela would like to tell Basher of the Yard where these crimes are occurring.

But Angela is involved in another alleged caper. It has been alleged that a ball belonging to the son of one Christopher Salisbury, Angela’s neighbour, did fly over the fence and come into contact with Angela’s property, specifically her garden.

Despite an extensive search of Angela’s property, the ball was never seen again.

Angela’s neighbour, a Christopher Salisbury, talking to the Express, says his sons kicked some balls over the adjoining fence and went to get them “but the Hicklings would not us have them back”. So he called the police.

To the Sun’s mind “YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP”. And were that only true. But the paper will busy itself with such news – what with all those burglaries, muggings and all…

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