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by | 9th, October 2006

HAVING dated for what feels like an eternity, and not dated for what felt like longer, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty are to marry.

That’s if they haven’t done so already. On reading the Star’s front page (“KATE WEDS IN IBIZA”), we fear that Kate and Pete have tied the knot.

But reading on it seems that the Star has made a simple mistake. The couple have not married. The Star has no exclusive camera-phone shots of Kate and Pete saying their vows in a recording studio.

What we learn is that Kate and Pete are to marry on January 16 in a “celeb-packed” ceremony to coincide with Kate’s birthday.

All very jolly, we’re sure. But we at Anorak have always thought it hard on anyone who shares their birthday with public anniversaries, like Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, National Sausage Day and so forth. But if that’s what the happy couple want, then who are we to stand in their way?
And given the memory-eroding powers of recreational drugs, it might just be that in making the wedding day coincide with a day already lodged in the Moss-Doherty consciousness both parties remember to turn up.

But should they still forget to marry, Kate and Pete can rest assured that the papers will remind them. Already the Express sees it as front-page news, promising Kate and Pete that they are to marry on “DRUG ISLAND”.

And then there are the many friends and showbiz pals who will be in attendance. Kate’s best friend Sadie Frost will be there, so too Elton John, Richard Branson, Jude Law, Jade Jagger and pop band Keane, whose lead singer Tom Chaplin toured The Priory rehab clinic at the same time as Pete.

But don’t worry if you are not invited. You can either turn up and hope Pete and Kate are too high on life to spot the gatecrashers or you can read all about it in the comfort of your own sedan chair.

As the Express says, the couple aim to cash in on their big day by flogging the pictures to the highest bidder – which might just be OK! magazine, the Express and Star’s airbrushed sister publication…

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