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Muslims For Transvestites

by | 9th, October 2006

“SUSPECT in veil hunt used veil to evade arrest.” It Nuns On The Run, only with Muslims.

The Times’ front-page headline is followed hot-on-the-heels by news that a male suspect in “a major anti-terrorist investigation” (are there minor ones?) has tied to escape justice by dressing up as a woman.

This in itself is not shocking. Indeed, it might be further evidence that even the most extreme branch of British Islam is adapting to British life. What fancy dress party or drinks supper is complete without a British male wearing tights and bra? Our Royal Navy and rugby clubs thrive on such tomfoolery.

But in the context of Jack Straw’s comments on the wearing of the Muslim veil, it takes on a deep importance.

Writing in the telegraph, Jane Daley says: “Islamic women are presenting a challenge to our modern political settlement that is likely to bring the entire edifice into question.”

This is no small achievement for Muslim women, a group which includes a section who are so low key they cover their entire bodies and faces, save for their eyes, when out in public.

Over in the Guardian, readers learn that Jack Straw is looking “increasingly isolated” as cabinet colleagues seek to distance themselves from his comments.

Such brave and fearless notables as John Prescott, health secretary, Patricia Hewitt, Ruth Kelly and Peter Hain want little or nothing to do with Straw’s remarks.

It’s all so confusing. But the Times seeks to stare the issue in the face by asking Muslim women what they think. So it gets Saira Khan, a reality TV show contestant, to say that the nikab (veil) is not her thing. The piece is headed: “Why Muslim women should thank Straw. The veil is not a religious obligation – it is a symbol of the subjugation by men of their wives and daughters”.

And with that cleared up, we note that the man in the burka has been caught. And from now on would like to be known as Samira…

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