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Lady (In Red) Fingers

by | 10th, October 2006

“I KNOW the tabloids will get excited by this so I try to play it down," says Chris de Burgh.

And we thank him for trying. If there is one thing that we do not need it is Chris de Burgh at full volume. Granted the man is a popular musician, having sold 45million records, but Chris is a dish best served after copious amounts of wine and the best man’s speech.

But even at a whisper, the Mail gets wind of Chris’s claim that he has “heeling hands”.

The Mail was tuned into Gloria Hunniford’s Heaven & Earth show on the BBC. Says Chris: “I have found myself able to cure people with my hands.

“I met someone in the West Indies who was not able to walk. I put my hands on him and he was able to get up.” Eat yer heart out Simon Cowell.

But Chris wants us to know that we can all do it. “I have to stress that I think we all have this facility,” says Chris.

Perhaps. But perhaps, like so much in life, we can all do it but some of us can do it better than others. We can all sing Chris’s hit Lady In Red, but not all of us should.

Terry Sanderson, of the National Secular Society, says Chris is “deluded”. A Dr Shawn Treweek, from the charity Sense About Science, sees “a more worrying potential for harm if it means that people with serious injury will want to see him rather than a doctor.”

Of course, you might have more chance of seeing Chris than a doctor…

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