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David Beckham Exposed

by | 12th, October 2006

LIKE David Beckham, we too smell of “a blend of orange, mandarin and Italian Bergamot, with the middle notes of cardamom, pimento and star anise. Finishing off with vetiver, white amber and patchouli.”

It is, sad to admit, the smell of failure, the stink of unfulfilled ambition and a life on the slide.

It had been so very different. But now, as the Mail reports, Beckham has a whiff of decay about him. Where once his Instinct perfume for men smacked of metrosexuality, an aftershave for the man who depilates his back, sack and crack, it now smells off.

The Mail tells us that Becks is no longer the face of Police sunglasses. The 31-year-old has been dropped, not because of his age – the new face belongs to 46-year-old actor Antonio Banderas – but because no one cares what Dave likes to wear on his chest.

Now he’s no longer in England nylon, Beckham’s days as a fashion icon are at an end.

And this leaves wife Vicky to plough a lonely furrow. There she is in the Mirror, “flying the flag for British fashion.”

She’s wearing a dress, a pair of shoes and sunglasses – all produced by British designers, even if they are most likely made in Taiwan and China.

And around her middle is a wide belt. From a certain angle, Posh seems to have been cut in half, her belt acting as a leather bridge linking her top and bottom halves.

Posh is a marvel of tailored engineering, a head and body supported upon a thin strip of leather.

How does she do it? And how long will she be doing it for?

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