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Angelina Jolie’s Indian Sign

by | 13th, October 2006

“JOLIE car drama,” says the Sun, and we are gripped.

As reported on Anorak, Angelina Jolie is in India filming a new movie, A Mighty Heart. The film tells the story of murdered US journalist Daniel Pearl, and, if Angelina’s work to date is any guide, it surely involves the actress wearing lots of Spandex and kicking people in the face.

Right it is that all of India is a buzz with Angelina’s arrival. This is the event that will put the country on the map. It’s tough luck on Pakistan, where Pearl was actually kidnapped and murdered, but such is life.

And here Angelina comes now in a convoy of cars. And there goes Angelina, followed by her minders in a hulking 4×4. Mittal Rawat, 19, had best watch out. His motorbike is no match for so much metal and muscle. But it’s too late. As Mittal explains: “One vehicle knocked me off my bike but just sped away.”

Mittal is clearly a lucky boy. It is not every day you get knocked down by a Hollywood superstar’s minder and it will be a rich tale for Mittal to tell his children and grandchildren.

And he’s getting his story straight by speaking to the Star. Says Mittal: “There were two other vehicles going in the same direction and they both tried to overtake me. One of the vehicles scraped against the side of my bike and knocked me off. I fell into the road but they both sped away.”

In the fullness of time, it is hoped that Mittal’s story will take on more colour. Perhaps he could be driving past one of those warning signs that litter Indian roads, of the type that proclaim such sage advice as “Overtaking Leads To Undertaking”. Or Angelina could get out of her car and say that since Mittal is now unable to work she will adopt any children he has and spirit them away to the fabled land they call Amerika.

That for later. But for now the Star tells us that Angelina has taken notes and is aware that Indian roads are dangerous places. What with the cows stood in front of speeding traffic, stoned tuk-tuk drivers and her, allegedly, red-light-jumping minders, someone could get hurt. Just get a load of that young Indian chap lying next to his dented bike. For shame.

So to prevent any accident befalling her, Angelina has drafted in soldiers to guard her person. Troops have been assigned to protect Angelina as she makes the hazardous journey from five-star hotel to film set. And not just one or two soldiers but, as the Star says, “truck-loads”.

This will surely make the roads of India a safer place. Once again Angelina has saved the day…

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