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Jennifer Aniston Asks

by | 16th, October 2006

WHEN Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston were dating, they starred in the movie called The Break Up. Now they are no longer stepping out, how long it will be before Jen and Vince reunite one last time in The Get Together?

This is not to say that Jen and Vince’s relationship is in any way linked to their latest joint movie project. Unlike their people, Jen and Vince are free agents and will go wherever the muse takes them.

But for now plans are on hold. The Get Together joins Gigli II, that Jennifer Lopez-Ben Affleck classic, on the list of sequels that will never be made.

Not that you should ever say never in Hollywood. And though it has been a while since Jen moved away from her past love, one Brad Pitt, she cannot shake him off and move on.

OK! wants to know if Jen has any regrets about her marriage? “They were seven very intense years together and it was a beautiful complicated relationship. I will love Brad for the rest of my life,” says she.

But..? “No one really cares anyway,” says Jen of her friends’ advice on what she should do, “and in the final analysis, it’s only you who can go to the top of the mountain, listen to your inner thoughts and figure it out for yourself.”

You ask yourself questions. And you tackle the issues in hand. You ponder the questions. You repeat the questions…

OK!: What’s the cutest way that a man has approached you?
Jen: What’s the cutest way a man has approached me?

OK! Do you think that women sometimes do too much in a relationship?
Jen: Do we do too much?

OK!: Do you still want to have kids?
Jen: Do I want to have children?

And after the questions, the endless questions, Jen does produce some deeper thoughts. OK! wants to know: “What do you think it takes to learn the art of compromise?”

Jen climbs down from her mountain and thinks. In her mind she very possibly repeats the question. She then speaks: “Compromise sounds like such a compromising thing.”

Then Jen goes back up the mountain. And we start to ask questions?

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