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Dear Elton…

by | 16th, October 2006

YOU know you’ve made it when…Elton John offers to help you wrestle your demons.

Having waxed lyrical on matters George Michael, Robbie Williams, Pete Doherty, Madonna and Posh ‘n’ Becks, Elton is now said to be counselling Tom Chaplin, lead singer of Keane.

As a friend of the singer tells the Mirror: “Tom’s had so much support after going into rehab but he never expected it would come from someone like Elton John.”

But this is what Elton does. Ever since he sang at Princess Diana’s funeral, Elton has been mutating into Marjorie Proops. Giving advice is what Elton is all about. It can’t be too long before Elton appears on daytime TV, dressed in massive glasses and a huge fright wig telling the lame and depressed that he feels their pain. Speak to Elton, he understands.

For now Elton offers his services to entertainers. And it’s Chaplin’s turn to receive the sage advice from the man the paper dubs the “godfather of pop”.

And we call Dear Marje…

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