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Jamie Oliver’s Greenies

by | 17th, October 2006

WHAT do Jamie Oliver’s children eat at school?

We are sure that the catering professionals who sear and flambé for the Oliver children at their private establishment in leafy Hampstead do a wonderful, wholesome job. And that the green blobs in the kids’ jelly are evidence of the freshest kiwi fruit and not manmade oysters a la mode.

But not all dinner ladies are delighted by Jamie’s foul-mouthed take on school dinners. The Mail looks at Theresa Topping, who is pictured in a white mesh hat, checkerboard apron and plastic gloves.

Theresa says she has received abusive phone calls and is now taking a taxi to school out of fear that parents angered at the food she serves up will attack her.

“I got this one call in particular. It was a man who was kind of mumbling…At first I couldn’t make out what he was talking about but he started making threats saying: ‘You’ll get what’s coming to you’, and things like that.”

The mystery caller has yet to be identified. And it might be one of a number of parents at the Derwent Infant and Junior School in York where Theresa cooks.

Some parents have formed a protest group and are lobbying for better meals.

Their leader is one Jim Wallis, father of a nine-year-old pupil at the school. He notes that one of his son’s school meals was a composite blend of fish fingers with bones in (like real fish!), pitta bread and choc ice.

Says he: “That’s not exactly a healthy meal. We would love to get Jamie Oliver here to see what the children are eating.”

Fish! Bread!! Ice-cream!!! It is too, too terrible. The madness must end.

The quicker Jamie can hotfoot it up to York to sort things out, the better. And he should take his own oysters…

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