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Robbie Williams Uncovered

by | 17th, October 2006

“ROBBIE: Liam is an ugly inbred.”

When they are not making terrible music, taking drugs and drink, staying in rehab or banging on about their self-diagnosed clinical/bi-polar/manic depression, our popstars are calling each other names.

And we read that the Sun’s Victoria Newton has “uncovered a secret track” in which Robbie Williams “slags off” Liam Gallagher, calling him an inbred.

How Victoria came to uncover this amazing, stunning etc. recoding is left unsaid. But she will surely protect her sources to the bitter end, and not flinch when it comes to giving Liam and Robbie the publicity and full-colour exposure they deserve.

And so to the tune. It’s called “Five Pies a Chance”. And on it Robbie is said to refer to Liam’s monobrow and ex-wife Patsy Kensit. Robbie sings: “Your Mrs fancies me – bet she wishes she waited ‘til I was shifting units.”

“Ouch,” says the Sun’s woman in the know. This is brutal stuff. Newton was right to call this “one of the biggest feuds in the history of rock ‘n roll”.

And if Robbie can find a word to rhyme with units he will surely have hit on his hands. And Robbie and Liam will once more rule their charts with their Beatles’s tribute acts and harsh name calling…

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