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by | 18th, October 2006

PHWOARSKI! It’s “sizzling” Daria Zhukova, the Russian with the “red hot curves”.

The Sun has a picture of the 23-year-old Russian who is allegedly involved with oil tycoon and all-round rich man Roman Abramovich.

Roman is fast approaching his 40th birthday, and stories abound that he is getting ready to embrace middle age by romancing the much younger model.

Roman’s wife Irina, is, as the paper notes, said to be “agonising” over their marriage.

And now Irina can agonise some more as she views the Sun’s snap of Daria wearing a bikini and soaking up the sun with her former boyfriend, tennis player Marat Safin.

A shot of the former couple is captioned: “Tan-tastic fun… Marat rubs suncream on Daria.”

Marat is sat on a chair. Daria is perched just in front. Her back faces towards him.

And looking at the expression on Daria’s face, she is either in utter agony as Marat rubs cream onto a raw spot of third-degree sunburn or else is in a state of ecstasy as Marat hits her sweet spot.

Whatever is occurring under the skies of Tuscany, it captivates the Star, which looks long and hard at “ROMAN’S RAUNCHY BABESKI”. Daria “had “onlookers gasping as she writhed on a deckchair” with Marat.

Whether Daria has pulled similar faces in Roman’s company is another matter…

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