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Scrabble Sharks

by | 18th, October 2006

AS soon as we revealed that former East London (Margaret Drabble) Scrabble shark Guy Ritchie had been having a right two and eight with missus Madonna about the boardgame of champions, we knew it would not be long.

Very soon gangster-movie maker Guy would be getting ready to produce Rabble Dabble, the story of London’s underground Scrabble scene.

But who would play the central characters, the Scrabbalists who would do battle for control of the manor?

The call went out. And now we read in the Times that “violent and disruptive prisoners are being paid by the Prison Service to play Scrabble”.

Deep in what is termed the “jail within a jail” at Whitemoor top-security prison, felons are being invited to play the game in return for payment.

Inmates must turn the tiles for 30 minutes to qualify for £1.10 to spend in the prison shop.

They can also engage in ping-pong, working out in the gym, visiting the library or cleaning, things that add structure to their day.

As the Times reports, Anne Owers, the Chief Inspector of Prisons, says: “This was a positive initiative that placed a degree of responsibility on prisoners to structure their day and to sustain a pattern of constructive activity. Unstructured activities, such as watching TV, PlayStation, radio, showering, chatting and playing pool would not be paid.” Even Countdown.

And at once we see beyond Rabble Dabble to the Ritchie trilogy – first Scrabble, then ping-pong and finally reading in a library will get the full gangster treatment.

You read it here first…

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