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Aniston Bumps Off Brad

by | 19th, October 2006

JENNIFER Aniston and Vince Vaughn have embarked on solo projects.

But before they go this was and that way, Vince looks back over his shoulder and says: “GET OVER BRAD!”

And in case Jen doesn’t quite catch the message first time – Vince is famously tall and his words may go over her head – the Enquirer repeats the front-page message inside the magazine. “VINCE WARNS JEN: “GET OVER BRAD!”

Brad Pitt, for it is he, is a “major speed bump” between Vince, Jen and wedded bliss. It is only in getting over Brad – perhaps in a car at high speed – that Jen and Vince will be able to live in eternal joy.

As a source says: “It’s clear to Vince that Jen hasn’t moved on from Brad [see inset photo of Brad]. Until she can get over him, Vince doesn’t want to invest any more emotional energy in Jen.”

And besides that investing and emotional energy guff, the film they starred in together, The Break-Up, was utter bilge. As in investment, the movie is right up there with the Iraqi dinar and Ashley Cole. Not even Warren Beatty would want to do that again?

So Vince and Jen are taking a break. They are spending time apart to sort their heads out and work out what they should do next.

The Enquirer will, of course, be there to tell us what Jen and Vince decide. And if they chose to get back to together, we wish them lots of luck.

And even more luck for their producers…

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