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by | 19th, October 2006

MADONNA is back in London Town with her new child. And all is well in the land of Dickens. Hear ye! Hear ye!

And if little Davie Twist is reading Anorak – as surely he must be – we say consider yourself at home, young rapscallion, consider yourself one of the family, we’ve taken to you so strong, it’s clear we’re going to get along…”

And while we sing in the streets, taking care to avoid the rats and open sewers that plague London town, Madonna bestows gifts upon her newest.

It’s not just silk hankies picked from a pocket or two for little Davie. As the Mail reports, it’s a child-sized electric BMW, to help Davie connect with his inner middle manager. There’s the £5,000 rocking horse. The cuddly toys. The designer clothes.

And lest young Davie Twist feel isolated and confused in his new urban home there is a jungle mural on one wall of his huge bedroom. A source tells of “lions, tigers, those kind of animals”.

The thinking is surely that young Davie will look at the bucolic African landscape and remain in touch with his roots.

Trouble is that home looks nothing so verdant. And while David sees rich greens, the Mail shows his father Yohane stood in a brown field.

Yohane is spraying pesticides on a field of what he hopes will be potatoes. The Star has a similar picture. Yohane spritzes his crops and carries a watering can. It’s his “fight to survive”.

But Yohane has a dream. As he tells the Sun: “I am not seeking anything from Madonna, but when David grows up and is brought here and sees out poverty, he will certainly ask his mum to help.”

It is a neat idea. And we only hope it comes off and in, say, ten years or so, Davie sees his dad’s grinding poverty and presents his old man with a wooden rocking horse, some jungle-print wallpaper and an electric car.

Now, if Yohane can just find somewhere to plug it in..?

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