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McCartney Will Not Shrink

by | 20th, October 2006

THE curly hair. The white skin. The aura of untamed sexual energy.

Can it be that the man seen in the Mail riding a bicycle along the Hove seafront with little Beatrice McCartney being pulled along behind in a kind of wheeled tent is the German star of Die Freuden der Liebe, Heather Mill’s seminal work?

Reading the story proper, the Mail tells us this cyclist goes by the name of Ben Amigoni and is 24. This rules him out – the book was published in 1988, when Ben would have been about six years old.

But Ben’s look is familiar and it might just be that a sequel to Heather’s epic tome is being planned.

That for later. For now, Ben, Heather’s personal trainer, is with Bea.

And Bea’s daddy, Paul McCartney, is with his psychiatrist, a meeting of minds the Sun heralds with the front-page headline: “MACCA SEES SHRINK.”

“Agonised” and “tormented” Sir Paul is seeing the psychiatrist as the “DIVORCE BATTLE OF CENTURY” rages. As a source says: “He is suffering deeply and her lies will only add to his anguish.”

A headline within the paper tells us: “Macca’s children are only reason he hasn’t cracked.” He has been drawing “enormous strength” from his children, Stella, Mary and James.

They have been a “towers of strength to him”. They have instilled in him the necessary vim to fight. Paul has vowed to take on Heather “vigorously”.

But Paul is not as young as he once was. A pal tells the paper that the divorce is “taking a toll on his appearance”. Paul looks “tired” and “strained”. Perhaps he’s looking as tired and strained as Heather.

It might just be that the winner in this battle is the one who can look the frailest and most pathetic when the judge makes their ruling…

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