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Rupert The Hoodie

by | 23rd, October 2006

AS if being called Rupert was not bad enough, carriers of the name contend with having their moniker associated with a mumsy bear who wears yellow checked trousers, a matching scarf and a red jersey. He lives in the town of Nutwood.

But after years of suffering, Ruperts, Roos, Rupeys and Wuperts move a step loser to salvation. Give it up for Rupert the Hoodie.

Rupert the Bear has been given a makeover. As the Sun reports, Rupert’s owners were concerned that the lad’s scarf made him look like a chav.

So he’s been restyled. The new look Rupert has a red hoodie, a chain hanging from blue shorts and an iPod stuck in his ears.

If you go down to the woods today, you’d be in for a big surprise, for there is Rupert inhaling the fumes from the Citroen Saxo he’s stolen and set light to.

It’s all a modern take on an old classic. And while we look at Rupert, we consider Dennis the Menace’s new electronic tag, Loopy Loo’s manic depression and Sweep’s right to wear the veil…

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