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When Jade Goody Attacks

by | 23rd, October 2006

“FIERY” Jade Goody left cheating boyfriend Jack Tweedy scarred and bleeding after catching him with a glamour model.”

It’s the Star’s front–page shocker. “JADE SCARES LOVE CHEAT JACK,” screams the paper.

And we are engrossed in this story that seems to have it all. There’s the reality TV star (Jade), the wannabe football agent (Jack) and the mo-del (Anna Houghton).

Anna is the “BLONDE WHO MADE JADE BLOODY MAD,” says a further headline about the incident, these words to a shot of Anna by way of a yellow arrow.

And we join the action in London’s Embassy nightclub. The Star says that sees Jack chatting to Anna – “with whom he had a sleazy romp in an alleyway in August”.

“What the f** were you doing with that girl?” asks Jade? And lest Jack begin to answer, know that the question is rhetorical. As Jade says: “That the last straw.”

The pair then leave the club. They arrive at a car park. An onlooker tells us: “Jade started laying into him. She was really belting him – in the mouth, across the face and back.”

All the while she was screaming. “I’ve had enough of it,” she wails. “I’ve had enough of life.” The Sun’s onlooker says Jade punched Jack square in the face. “His lip burst open. There was blood on his shirt.”

Jade then makes it into a car, where, perhaps tired of punching Jack or keeping her rhythm until she gets him home, she begins to punch the seats.

But Jade is not some man-beating nutcase. No. It is all a terrific misunderstanding. The Mirror has a shot of Jack’s wounded face, the round injury suggestive of a pushed glass.

And it tells us that Jack became jealous of Jade’s dancing with a group of “hunky men”. He confronted the men. There was a scuffle. Jack was hit.

As Jade tells the Sun: “People think it was me that hit him over a girl. It’s ridiculous.”

And here’s Jack to tell us: “I had a row with a couple of boys. They punched me and I punched them back”.

So there it is. The creature laying into Jack and punching his head in was not Jade, it was a couple of boys.

Easy mistake to make, we suppose…

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