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Madonna Latest Twist

by | 23rd, October 2006

“I NEVER said she could adopt my baby boy,” says Davie Banda’s dad Yohane.

Labelled “THE DAD” by the Mirror, the paper tunes into Malawi TV and hear Yohane tell the country: “What we agreed with Madonna was that she looks after my child until he finishes school and becomes independent. Then he comes back to me.”

It’s a decent enough plan. And you can just see the adult David stepping of his private jet, clad in conical bra, hot pants and flat cap to tell his dad that with his education over he is now ready to till the fields and spray the crops.

“Gawd luv yer, pop,” says Davie Twist all growed up. “You’ve got to pick a picket or two. Vogue!”

Yohane goes on: “If I’d been told she wanted to adopt my son and make him her own I wouldn’t have agreed to it. I’m only now realising the meaning of adoption.”

Davie was no boy for sale. Fare thee well, but be back soon, young Davie. Your dad Yohane is reviewing the situation.

As the Mail says, it’s the father’s “about-turn”. The Sun says Madonna “faces new controversy over her adoption” of little Davie.

And it hears Yohane say that he is illiterate. “I cannot read or write,” says he, “so I relied on what [government] officials told me.”

The situation in getting complicated. It might be that Madonna has taken risks in adopting the lad, for whom she’d do anything.

And we wait to see if Davie will return to Malawi. And if Madonna follows him, or waves him off with a flutter of her new silk hanky…

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