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Davie Banda – The Oprah

by | 24th, October 2006

RIGHTLY proud to have got her figure back after having a new child, Madonna is to go on the Oprah Winfrey show to tell all.

Oprah’s sofa has been the stage for much celebrity grandstanding, such as Tom Cruise’s sofa-jump moment, and now Madonna is ready to sit on it and tell the talkshow host about her amazing life with Davie Banda.

With three children by three different fathers living on three different continents, Madonna is every inch the global modern mum. She is of great interest to one and all.

As the show’s spokesman tells the Mirror: “You’ve read the headlines, heard the rumours and seen the photos. Now, for the first time, Madonna speaks out with her side of the story on the adoption controversy.”

And controversy builds by the day. The Sun tells us that Madonna is to ask her “gay actor pal” Rupert Everett to be Davie’s “fairy godfather”.

The paper says Madonna picked Rupert “because of his experience of working in Africa with Aids victims, and not because of his 2.4 children and stable family life.

And the Star tells us: “DAD COULD DIE BEFORE HE GETS TO SEE MADGE TOT AGAIN.” The paper says that life-expectancy in Malawi is 36 years, and at 32, Yohane Banda, Davie’s dad, might not have long to go.

This, says the Star, “throws into question the singer’s pledge to let farmer Yohane see his 13-month-old son grow up.”

To many, this might suggest that the boy is better of with Madonna, who is expected to live somewhat longer than 36, and already has.

But to others it is a sign that Madonna has meddled and done wrong.

All will be revealed soon up on Oprah’s cushions – when Madge jumps up and down and Davie throws up…

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