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by | 25th, October 2006

IT’S a Richard Hammond exclusive.

Today Richard is on the front page of the Mirror. He’s got a big smile on his face and a sparkle in his eyes. His hands are clenchd into fists. He’s still fighting.

And he has this to say: “I hope to be behind the wheel again in weeks. But it won’t be a jet car.”

“Daredevil” Richard is “desperate” to start driving again. “The only lesson that’s come out of this is to be careful,” says Richard. “And we were. I am, anyway.”

Indeed, what could be more careful for a married father of two than to strap himself into a jet-propelled car for a TV show? “If we didn’t take safety seriously I would not longer be here,” he adds.

So Richard lives to drive again. “We’ll be back as soon as we can.,” he says. “We’ve got to – it’s a matter of falling off a horse and getting back on.”

Well, not really. But we should not judge Richard. This is “RICHARD HAMMOND: BACK FROM THE DEAD”, as the Mirror’s headline screams every day. If he thinks a horse is a car, then so be it.

If he talks about himself in the first person plural, then we can let it slide.

We wish him well. As Richard says, over pages four and five of his daily chat: “I was so out of it I’d no idea of the amazing public reaction to my crash. They identify with me because I’m a normal a mate that’s been hurt rather than some big celebrity.”

Yes Richard. Of course Richard. You rest up Richard. We’ll talk some more tomorrow…

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