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Another Shambles

by | 25th, October 2006

WHILE Kate Moss is talking about Heather Mills to Stella McCartney, her lover, Pete Doherty, is making front-page news.

“IT’S BEAT DOHERTY,” says the Star’s cover page. And there’s a picture of the pop f***wit looking suitably glassy eyed. His left temple is bloodied, rivulets of blood streak down his neck and chest.

Inside the paper, there’s a series of Pete’s pics. And some words. “We had a bloody good gig and then a good scrap when we got back to the hotel,” says Pete from Rome. “All in all, a good night.”

But why the fight? “This extremely rude guy just cracked me over the head with his camera – I couldn’t believe it and it bloody hurt,” says Pete.

This leads to a melee, in which Pete can be seen pushing his hand into the face of snapper Andrea Venturini. Pete then leans back. Venturini leans forward. One still on and Pete seems to be on top of Venturini.

In the Mail, Venturini, lying on his back, is still taking pictures of the fight he is involved in.

It’s “Pete shambles” in the Express. And a “bloody shambles” in the Sun.

It is shocking stuff. Who would have thought Pete could throw a punch? Who would have dared think his blood would run so freely from a previously untapped vein?

It’s a sensation…

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