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Madonna’s An EastEnder

by | 26th, October 2006

IS Madonna the new Carol Jackson, the former EastEnders character, mother to a brood of which no two have the same father?

Whatever the singer’s ambition, the Mirror leads with a lovely picture of Madonna and her three children. It’s the “MADONNA & CHILDREN”. It’s our chance to “Meet the family”.

For those of you unable to see the image, the Mirror describes it thus: “Madonna’s baby David Banda is one of the family in a photo shown on TV last night. She gazes lovingly at him while hugging her other kids Rocco and Lourdes.”

The same picture is published in the Express. And the paper listens in as Madonna tells Oprah Winfrey and the people of America why she adopted Davie.

“I became transfixed by him,” says she. “But I didn’t yet know I was going to adopt him. I was drawn to him.”

There then follows what can best be described as a miracle adoption. Just as no birth in showbiz circles is anything less than a drama full of soaring highs, unbearable lows and cliffhangers, the celebrity adoption is a time to stress and crisis.

The Mirror hears Madonna tell Oprah that Davie was extremely ill” when she met him. “I was in a panic because I didn’t want to leave him in the orphanage because I knew they didn’t have the medication to take care of him.”

She took him to a clinic. A bronchial dilator was placed on him. Davie was injected with antibiotics. He is still “a little bit ill”. But he is “much better” than when Madonna found him.

The Sun sees “emotional Madonna” blink back tears. And it adds the spectre of AIDS. As the Star’s front page says: “MADGE BABY IN AIDS SHOCK.”

Davie does not have AIDS. But his mother, brother and sister all died succumbed to the disease. And in the Sun, we learn that three and not two of Davie’s siblings died of AIDS.

And there is the boy at the centre of the “ADOPTION ROW”. He’s being held aloft by Madonna’s husband Guy Ritchie. He’s smiling. Davie’s dancing with Rocco. He’s smiling. Davie’s in Madonna’s arms. He’s smiling.

Davie never stops smiling. It’s a miracle…

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