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Rod Stewart Wallops McCartney

by | 26th, October 2006

HAVING secured the support of Cilla Black, actor Victor Spinetti and Kate Moss, the Star brings news that other are lining up to stand by Paul McCartney.

“WALLOP HER!” says the headline above the news that Rod Stewart has pinned his tartan colours to Paul’s mast.

Say twice-divorced Rod: “I am sure that Paul is not a wife beater. He may be a drug-taker but is no wife beater.”

Rod goes on: “His name has been slurred [that must be the drugs] and I think he should fight it all the way.”

Rod, spotted in the Sun dressed in a pin-striped suit with matching hat and tartan scarf issues a wake-up call to all but the dead. Now seen in conjunction with his fiancée Penny Lancaster, and her leopard-print coat, McCartney must surely sit up and take notice of Rod.

And if Rod is not enough, there are others. And the Star hears another celebrity state her support for Paul. It’s Billie Piper.

“It’s horrible,” says Billie. “You do start to hate Heather don’t you. It’s awful.”

And truly it is. While Paul can lean on some of the leading lights in British light entertainment, Heather fights alone.

And in seeing the two sides, the tide of public opinion may soon start to shift. It might just be that McCartney is but a celebrity endorsement away from being as mistrusted as his estranged wife.

If Heather wants to get the British public on her side, she could just get Victoria Beckham to sate her support for McCartney. Or Peter Sringfellow. Or ‘H’ from Steps…

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