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Linda McCartney’s Back

by | 27th, October 2006

YOU’VE heard from Cilla Black, Rod Stewart, Billie Piper and Kate Moss – now listen up as Linda McCartney wades into the McCartney-Mills divorce.

Until now this divorce, however sensational, had been strictly Earth-bound. Now the Mirror adds a supernatural twist to the proceedings and calls Linda to the stand.

There’s the faintest whiff of vegetable lasagne in the air as the Mirror leads with: “MACCA GAGS LINDA TAPES.”

It turns out that before she died in 1998, Linda McCartney, Paul’s first wife, recorded details of her life with Paul on 15 tapes.

Why she should do this is a moot point. But they are out there. And the Mirror says it is “understood they shed an alternative light on her ‘golden’ relationship’” with Paul.

How this is “understood”, the Mirror does not say. But the Mirror is an unusually understanding paper and also says that Linda and Paul’s 29-year marriage was “always understood to be one of showbiz’s strongest”.

Again, we are not told why this is understood. But Linda’s thoughts are on record. And the current keeper of 20 hours of Linda’s “most intimate thoughts” is Peter Cox, former chief executive of the vegetarian society.

An unnamed friend of Heather says the tapes may be “crucial” in any divorce proceedings. In what way? We are not told. In any case, we will not hear them – Cox has been sworn to secrecy by Paul’s management company.

And here is Paul, or what’s left of him. “Gaunt, red-eyed and haggard…divorce takes its toll on Macca,” says the Sun’s headline. There’s a picture of Paul walking home from the pub. He is “dishevelled,” says the Mail.

And now he speaks. Says Paul: “I’m just hoping for a happy resolution, particularly for the sake of our beautiful daughter, Beatrice, and my other children, who are all beautiful. Fingers crossed.”

And wallets open.

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