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Naomi Campbell Takes On Heather Mills

by | 27th, October 2006

“IT’S NUTTA versus MUCCA,” says the Sun’s headline above pictures of Naomi Campbell and Heather Mills, respectively.

“Who is the biggest bitch on the planet…Naomi or Heather?”

We always thought the biggest bitch was Joan Collins. But the Sun makes no mention of Collins, and we are forced to choose between Campbell and Mills.

And not wishing to do either woman a disservice, we consider the evidence for each.

Mills we know about. But what of Campbell, the “sour-faced clothes horse with a manic glint in her eye”?

The Mail profiles the model who was arrested earlier in the week on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm. A woman attended a police station in Belgravia with “blood-red scratches” on one cheek. She claims Campbell attacked her.

Police invited Campbell to the station to answer some questions. But what with the model’s jet lag they had to wait 12 hours for her to become compos mentis.

That’s if it was jet lag? Over in the Mirror, we learn that officers suspected Naomi was on something stronger than high altitude air and musak. They suspected she was drunk and put her in a cell to sober up.

As a source tells the paper: “A doctor was called. It was debated if she should go to hospital but it was decided to allow her to sleep in the cells.”

The Star contests this with the jet-lag defence. And reveals that the alleged victim of Campbell’s ire was her drugs counsellor.

Meanwhile, over in America, Campbell is said by her lawyer, David Breitbart, to be struggling to renew her American visa. Due in New York to answer the allegation that she attacked her maid Ana Scolavino, Campbell has to return for the court date on November 15.

She has already failed to attend one hearing in September and, as the Sun, says, a repeat no-show will lead to her arrest.

It is complicated stuff. Who still says the life of a model is simply walking up and down, standing still and walking up and down some more? Well, we do. But Campbell is so much more than a model. She is a model on bail.

But is she the world’s biggest bitch..?

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