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Wings & A Prayer

by | 30th, October 2006

JOHN Lennon has yet to comment. And George Harrison does not wish to take sides. But Linda McCartney is back, and she’s setting out to prove that Heather Mills is a liar.

The Sun, no fan of Lady “Mucca”, says Heather Mills’ “far-fetched claims” that Paul McCartney hit his late wife Linda are “rebutted – in the words of Linda herself”.

Dim the lights. Form a circle. Hold hands. And listen up as Linda wades into the debate.

“Paul’s biggest fault is that he is so sensitive to criticism,” says Linda, perhaps adding a ghostly whoooooo! (It is Halloween).

“It never ceases to amaze me… When Paul dies, the critics will praise him to the heights. Until then, they will carry on criticising.”

She then goes on to talk about their first meeting at the Bag O’Nails club, where Georgie Fame was playing. “It was instant attraction, but not love at first sight.”

Soon they were living together. Then they were married, although Linda is “too embarrassed” to say how Paul proposed to her.

“We live in a two-bedroom cottage in Sussex,” says Linda. She, Paul, Linda’s daughter Heather from her first marriage, and the couple’s three children live “on top of one another”.

Linda tells us that she sings out of tune, hardly the most shocking revelation.

And that’s pretty much it. No mention of rows or fights. But, then, there is not much mention of anything. How does this rebut Heather Mills’ claims of domestic abuse?

But while the Sun makes no attempt to explain, the Mail hears from Peter Cox (alive), the man in possession of the “Linda Tapes”.

As Heather Mills considers a Princess Diana-style TV interview, Cox tells us of the moments when Linda “would feel deeply unhappy and depressed about her marriage”.

She considered leaving Paul. Cox says Paul had “a darker side”. “He bossed her around and kept her on a tight leash – like a caged animal.”

Of course, this is not Linda talking. But now she is free to tell us all, perhaps she will enlarge on these claims…

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