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Pull The Other One

by | 31st, October 2006

CALL Jonathan Ross.

It is the ongoing matter of UK celebrities versus Heather Mills. And the court summons Jonathan Ross to the dock at the Q Awards.

Before a room of her peers, Ross announced: “Heather Mills McCartney – what a f***ing liar. I wouldn’t be surprised if we found she’s actually got two legs.”

“OWWIBLE!” says the Mirror’s headline, the legend based on Ross’s comment and his apparent inability to begin and end words in the received manner. (If you have ever heard Ross pronounce his “Rs” correctly do get in touch.)

The paper says Ross has been “slammed” for “tastelessly mocking” disabled Heather at the awards do.

John Pring, of the magazine Disability Now, says: “Jokes at the expense of the disabled upset lots of people.”

But not Ross’ audience of pop starts and their people. As the Mail says, Ross received “roars of approval” for his “rant”. His comments “went down a storm”, says the paper.

A source said to be close to Paul McCartney (and who, apart from Heather isn’t?) senses a “groundswell of support from everyone at the awards”.

That’s just marvellous. What better bunch to fight your corner then current and former drug addicts, drunks, the self-aggrandizing, back slapping and vainglorious members of Britain’s pop music community?

Heather should take heart. As character witnesses, this lot are on her side…

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