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by | 31st, October 2006

ELISABETH Hasselbeck, who started out as a Survivor: Australian Outback cutie and wound up as the dim conservative prig and now Rosie O’Donnell’s whipping girl on The View, got herself in the news this week by going after Law & Order: SVU because the show named a raped and murdered character “Elizabeth Hassenback.”

Little Lizzie said the stunt was “socially irresponsible and gruesomely suggestive, “disrespected” her and put her “at risk,” and called SVU executive producer Neal Baer to complain. She said that before Baer hung up on her, he claimed that any similarity between Elizabeth Hassenback and Elisabeth Hasselbeck was purely a coincidence.

Coincidence? Our source at SVU says there’s no way it’s a coincidence.

“That’s like having a character named ‘President Bushed.’ They definitely knew what they were doing,” he or she told Tabloid Baby last night. “Law & Order is scrupulous about making sure they don’t use anyone’s name as a character– especially not someone who’s famous. Whenever we use a name on the show, we have people who check. If there are even five people in New York with the same name, they don’t use the name. To use a celebrity’s name like that? It’s a joke.”

So why would they do it? “Dick Wolf is the ‘law & order’ guy around here. But Neil Baer and all his writers are liberals. She’s a conservative. Why not have her raped and murdered? Real funny.

“Neal Baer hates unscripted television, and he probably doesn’t like the woman because she became a star on Survivor. He’s also a liberal medical doctor and I bet she’s against stem cell research. ”

Well, it went on from there.

Most people we spoke to think Lizzie has a point. But leave it to a right wing crackpot to blow the sympathy vote. We’re more concerned that Elizabeth threatened to retaliate in the most chilling manner, telling Baer she wouldn’t allow SVU actors on The View (leading him to say “Goodbye, lady,” and hang up), and then threatening a Law & Order boycott on the air.

Her producers ought to throw her off the show for saying that.

What do you think?

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