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Sticking With Pete

by | 2nd, November 2006

“KATE MOSS – As the rumour mill goes into overdrive, we reveal the truth about showbiz’s rockiest relationship.”

With most relationships, the pursuit of truth involves peeling back the layers of respectability and peering in at the rotten core of the thing.

But having seen Pete’s blood-stained walls, Kate out chopping in a London recording studio and read the stories of sex with multiple partners, injecting fans and run-ins with the law, there would seem to be little left to reveal.

And why is OK! so interested? A clue could be that at the top of the page, OK! announces: “YES WE ARE ENGAGED.”

OK!, which acts as a kind of wedding planner and matchmaker to the celebrity set, might be hoping that with Kate and Pete on side it will secure the rights to broadcast their wedding.

But pinning down a venue may be a problem. To date, Kate and Pete have been getting married in Indonesia and Ibiza. OK! tells us that the couple recently went out to Las Vegas to tie the knot. But for “various unforeseen reasons” it did not happen.

If OK! Does sign up to produce this wedding, it might have to focus more eagerly on the floral arrangements and syringe-themed table centrepieces as the bride and groom forget to turn up.

But why listen to the unnamed sources? As OK!s cover page says, this is Kate Moss “in her own words and pictures”.

And after hearing the source say that Kate is a “jealous person” and “tore a strip off” Pete when she heard he had bumped into an ex.

And after hearing about how romantic Pete is, how in the early days of their affair “he’d just tail her around looking all dewey-eyed”, and how Kate is “hankering for marriage”.

After hearing all that it’s time for Kate to tell all to the magazine. So here she is telling, er, Q music magazine: “Drugs enhanced all the misery and I got into this spiral. When I was bang on it, that wasn’t a nice time.”

And then it is time to go. We don’t get to see any of Kate’s own pictures, but then, we might well soon enough should she choose to get married at OK!’s behest.

Words and pictures to follow…

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