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Miss Out

by | 3rd, November 2006

“MISS CHEAT BRITAIN,” announces the Mirror’s front page. “Miss GB sacked for fibbing about fling with judge Teddy.”

Teddy is Teddy Sheringham, forty-year-old Premiership footballer. Fitness fanatic Teddy is lover to young and active 22-year-old Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd.

But what was the usual story of footballer meets ambitious mo-del is now something else.

The Mail takes up the story. It takes us back to the night of the race to be crowned Miss Great Britain. It is February, and the Mail sees the judges cast their votes. Teddy is a judge and he votes for Danielle. He is the only judge to do so.

Now it’s on to the after show party, at which Danielle and Teddy meet for the first time. Only it isn’t – they have met before the show.

In conversation with Eve magazine, Danielle recalls the day Teddy took her shopping for a Christmas present last year. They are heading to celebrity cobbler Jimmy Choo’s shop in Paddington.

Danielle’s feet are measured in quick-setting plaster. Teddy buys her a £7,000 pair of stilettos.

“Ted says he’ll never forget the sight of me prancing around the room wearing those incredible shoes,” says Danielle.

The Mirror says Danielle was also wearing her pyjamas, a fact missed by the Mail. But if readers want more of an idea of what the footballer might have seen they can turn to the Star and study a picture of Danielle posing in a G-string with an arm pulled across her naked bosom. She is “DANIELLE STRIPPED.”

And she is no longer Miss Great Britain. Event organiser Robert de Keyser tells us: “Like Caesar’s wife, the judging of Miss Great Britain must be above suspicion.”

For this reason the judges at the show include such upstanding citizens as former FA secretary Faria Alam.

So Danielle has been sacked. But Daniel’s agent Max Clifford says it is all a misunderstanding. He tells the Mail: “She thought they were writing an article about what her ideal Christmas present might be. She was just trying to be helpful.”

And run the risk of ruining Teddy’s surprise…

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