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Love A Lout

by | 3rd, November 2006

NEWS that British youth are the worst behaved in Europe is not a problem that cannot be cured by love.

Before we go on, let us say that surveys of youths can never be definitive. Even the papers cannot agree on how the results of the Institute for Public Policy Research’s study can be interpreted – the Times says “research condemned British youngsters as the worst behaved in Europe” but the Guardian says young Britons are only “among the worst behaved in Europe”.

It seems that we still have a few more lit fireworks to chuck through people’s letterboxes, drugs to be taken and cars to be stolen before we are the continent’s undisputed No.1s.

And, as the papers and Government never tire of telling us, we should not dismiss the Romanian and Bulgarian threat out of hand.

The other problem with a report into youth activities is that the youth are likely to enlarge on their outlaw experiences. Short of having an electronic tag on your ankle, youth who want to be feared and admired by their peers need to elaborate on the number of people they’ve slept with, potency and quantity of drugs they’ve taken and Crown Jewels they have stolen.

But the survey, such as it is, is all we have. And David Cameron knows how to cure the apparent ills it highlights.

As the Times’s headline says: “Troubled teens? All they need is love,” says Cameron.

In an address to the annual convention of the Youth Justice Board in Cardiff, the Conservative leader outlined his plans to love a lout, as his aim will doubtless be dubbed.

“Currently, policy on youth crime might be described as anti-anti-social. Rather than the double negative, let’s have a single positive,” says Dave. Yes. Let’s.

“Justice and love,” says Dave. He later adds: “We have to show a lot more love.”

How so? “I mean tough love – love that values people, and therefore demands high standards from them. Love that respects people – and so expects a lot from them.”

But… “Justice and love,” says Dave once more.

So we should hug a hoodie, as Dave once told us back in July.

But surely we only ever get that close to a hoodie when he is mugging us? Better to give the hooded claw some money to buy some fireworks and let off steam?

It worked for many of today’s adults…

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