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Rooney’s Dream Team

by | 3rd, November 2006

Everytime’s A Winner

Psssst! Wanna win the lottery? It’s easier than you think.

A group of university types have come up with a winning formula. The syndicate from Bradford University ensure that every one of the 49 Lotto numbers is chosen on their lines.

Barry Waterhouse, who heads the syndicate, tells us how the plan led to his team winning £5,299,849. All 49 numbers were written on pieces of paper and placed in a box. Each syndicate member then chose six numbers until eight lines were filled.

That’s 48 numbers. The remaining number was then used to begin a new line, the rest of it made up from numbers already selected.

Of course, even if you use this method you might not win. Luck can also play a part. Really, it can…

Eleven To One

Bookmakers William Hill are offering odds on Wayne Rooney’s lover Coleen McLoughlin giving birth to eleven sons and all of them going on to appear for the England team that wins the World Cup in 2030.

The odds are 76million-to-one. It’s a bit of a long shot. And if you think it is not worth the effort, consider that the odds on you winning last Friday’s EuroMillions draw were about the same.

Fancy a ticket? Feeling lucky?

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