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Saddam Husssein: What Next?

by | 6th, November 2006

AS predicted, Saddam Hussein sentenced to death by hanging today.

Whether it’ll bounce the Republicans sufficiently remains to be seen. The drug-taking gay-prostitute habits of a leading Evangelical, combined with paedophilia unreported in the Republican ranks plus the backlash against the war in Iraq have not boded well for the Republicans’ campaign, and there’s 48 hours left to go.

Well, it’ll cheer up two people. I’m sure the tape of Saddam Hussein’s dancing feet as he dangles will be watched time and time again by Bush father and Bush son, slapping each other’s shoulders.

A still from the execution will probably feature on the Bush family Christmas cards.

”Look, Daddy, see what I did for you? Do you love me now?”
”Son, Mr President, I’m proud”

Expect wall-to-wall coverage of Saddam’s evil crimes and that stage-managed statue shot coming down again and again on TV.

Still waiting for Bin Laden to be nabbed . Queen Elizabeth I knew you should always mop up baddies and enemies from the last reign before getting stuck into your own personal nemesis. Otherwise, it just gets messy.

Personally, I’m not comfortable with the death penalty. Even for crimes against humanity.

He should rot in jail, thinking on what he has done. As should others, who cold-bloodedly ordered actions resulting in the deaths of thousands, based on ”policy”, posturing and lies.

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