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Corporate Corporals

by | 6th, November 2006

“THE CCF exists to develop powers of leadership by promoting the qualities of responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance and perseverance.” So says the website for Fettes College, Tony Blair’s alma mater.

The CCF is, of course, the Combined Cadet Force, the last staging post for British military conscription. Students at 201 independent schools are invited (refusal is not an option) to sign up to the Navy, Air Force or Army.

At some schools there’s a social services option. Peaceniks who don’t want to march up and down and go canoeing in a freezing cold lake can risk life and limb eating biscuits with care home residents.

But whatever the colour of itchy jumper, education is the thing. And the Times reports that the Institute for Public Policy Research thinks it a good idea that not only privileged school children get to march up and down in itchy jumpers.

The think-tank, described as “influential” and “left-wing”, sees the CCF as one way of equipping the working class with “personal skills for the 21st century”.

Dressing up in an itchy jumper and leaning how to build a Tyrolean rope bridge will see this country to the forefront of world affairs.

And, of course, it will. This is not the beginning of a scheme to instil military discipline in one and all. Nor is it National Service by another name. It is the plan to make all of us behave like corporate employees.

Richard Darlington, the man from the Institute, tells the paper: “We have to challenge some of the hippy tendencies of the Left on youth activities. Actually, what works is structure, discipline, uniform and hierarchy.”

Change the word “uniform” to “suit” and you have the model of corporate life.

And there is more. State school should be encouraged to adopt the independent schools’ house system.

“House systems are a good way to harness peer effects in a positive way,” says Darlington in this group’s paper Freedom’s Orphans.

And for house you have corporate departments.

It’s all about making us feel a part of UK PLC. We are part of the team, each with a role to play, each stood in an itchy jumper engaged in a group activity.

It’s North Korea meets Microsoft. It’s the future…

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