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Paul McCartney’s Coffee Break

by | 6th, November 2006

PAUL McCartney is spending money.

It’s day 9,345,987 in the divorce of Paul ‘Macca’ McCartney and Heather ‘Mucca’ Mills. And the Star reports that Paul has bought the “explosive tapes” of his late wife Linda talking about their marriage. He has spent £200,000 on them.

These are just about the most interesting and valuable recordings ex-Wings singer Linda ever made.
And the Mirror looks on as Paul, walking in the street with literary agent Peter Cox, holds an envelope it says contains the tapes.

And having secured the tapes, Paul then went off the record in a café in central London.

It was very hush-hush as one of the most famous faces in the country sat at a table with the bearded Cox.

Paul, disguised in a suit and white shirt, is said to have uttered: “She is going to take me for £80million, because we now know it’s £80million. All she thinks about is dollars.”

A café customer, who recognised the singer, says Paul “even drew dollar signs to emphasise it”.

The source tells us that Paul went on to say: “She’s not at all nice or compassionate, she just wants the money.” The source sees Paul draw dollar signs in the air again.

Incredibly this private conversation between a bearded agent and the lead singer of the most famous band in history, a man involved in a nasty divorce, also features in the Express.

The paper’s customer in the know tells us that Paul is “devastated”. He might look OK, clean shaved and neatly turned out for coffee, but he is devastated.

The customer hears Paul say: “She lies and lies. Then it all goes on and on with her playing up to the papers.”

Poor Paul. Using the media to get what you want is so unedifying. It really takes the coffee and the cake…

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