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Madonna Confesses

by | 7th, November 2006

THERE are only a few things we do not know about Madonna.

And if she would be so good as to tell us a) the number of hairs on her head, b) whether she brushes her teeth at the top first or the bottom, and c) the state of her father’s health, we will be able to complete the pop chameleon’s jigsaw.

And already the Sun is on the case. And we read that Madonna is to meet her sick dad. He’s being treated for cancer. More precisely, Tony Ciccone has been receiving chemotherapy after surgery for colon cancer. He’s staying at the Leelanau County Hospital in Michigan, close to his home.

A source tells the paper that Tony is responding well to treatment. “But,” notes the Sun’s showbiz and medical expert, “clearly, this is a serious illness.”

But Madonna is not so easily deterred. And she will be travelling to see her sickly father, and taking along her three children.

As a “family pal” tells the paper: “Madonna is keen to introduce David to his granddad – although the circumstances are less than ideal.”

For reasons of historical accuracy, the source corroborates the earlier claim and says: “He has been diagnosed with colon cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.”

Tony Ciccone’s health is now a matter of public record.

And that leaves just two questions unanswered: the hairs and the teeth. But these are testing times in the Madonna household, and we can wait a little while longer before we get to the truth…

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