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Saddam Hussein & Myleene Klass Collide

by | 7th, November 2006

IT’S Saddam Hussein as you’ve never seen him before.

“YOUR/ SADDAM/ HANGMAN/ KIT,” says the Sun above a cut out and play “fun noose game”.

All you need to do is fill in the blanks in the Sun’s handy wallet-sized chart and either let the tyrant “swing” or “save him from the noose”.

Helpfully, Saddam comes in eight pieces. He’s been hung, drawn (quite well) and quartered, and sliced in half one more time just in case he’s still alive.

Anyone keen to play a more colourful game may care to emasculate Saddam, eviscerate him and stick his head on the sharp point of an HB pencil.

They may then choose to move back inside the Sun and see the picture of Myleene Klass frolicking on the beach during a trip to Gran Canaria.

The connection between Myleene, once a singer with a reality TV pop act and latterly presenter of TV’s All Star Talent (aka No stars, No talent) and Saddam Hussein, tyrant and all round bad guy, is not obvious to all.

Even drawing a bikini on the Sun’s picture of the chopped up despot fails to shed any light on things.

And it is only when we read the paper’s headline that the link between the two is made clear: “MYLEENE: I GOT SHOT AT BY THE TALIBAN.”

It seems that while travelling on an RAF plane to visit the troops in Afghanistan, Myleene was shot at.

“I had to wear a protective helmet and flak jacket,” says Myleene. “As we flew into Kabul I could hear this massive ‘thwack’ on the side of the plane. Then I could hear this grinding noise, which I found out was defence shields being put up. It scared the living daylights out of me.”

So scary was it that all Myleene’s clothes were blown clean off, and it was only good fortune that her blushes were spared by a carnation-hued bikini.

Such is the War On Terror. It affects us all – and all of us in different ways…

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