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Boning Up On Diana

by | 7th, November 2006

ACCORDING to the Arthritis Research Campaign, about 5 people in 100 over the age of 50 have Paget’s disease.

Why Paget should have become the name of the Operation to investigate the death of Princess Diana is a matter of interest.

It is our belief that there should be a public investigation into how the name was chosen and why it was not termed something a little less unpleasant like Operation Glass Slipper.

And the Operation part is not all that nice, infected with the whiff of the hospital. Better Project Diana or what about Diana Was Murdered?

It’s another day in the Diana Was Murdered (DWM) investigation and the Express has been taking notes.

Readers learn that the DWM case is being hampered by uncooperative French “spy chiefs” who have gone and blocked British detectives’ attempts to see “agent handling” files relating to Henri Paul, the driver on that fateful night.

DWM has “ground to a halt because of the reluctance of the French services to surrender all their documents on their contact, Paul.”

And this “blocking” is causing “well-placed sources” to think the secret service has something to hide. Hey, it may be involved in a murder plot.

This could be true. Or the French could be hiding much else besides. Was Diana abducted by aliens? She never died at all but is eking our an existence in the Alma tunnel’s warren of caves? Or is she living on the fabled Sixth Floor of Harvey Nichols.

And such is the slow progress that there are “concerns” that the full inquest will not be heard until 2008. And even then there are more “concerns” that Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, the former High Court judge now heading the DWM inquiry, will hold the show without a jury.

And that the verdict will be a cover up. The skeletons of a case growing brittle until the cracks appear and it all powders to so much dust.

Operation Paget. Over to you…

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