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Michael Jackson’s Return

by | 8th, November 2006

GRAB your crotch and squeal like a girl, it’s Michael Jackson.

The Sun says that “pop weirdo” Jacko has agreed to appear at something called The World Music Awards.

Like you, we have no idea what these awards represent, but we do know that Jackson has agreed to perform at them. And we also know that the show is to be staged in London’s Earl’s Court next week.

This means that Jackson will be placing his feet on our pure British soil. “BEAT IT, JACKO,” says the Sun. We don’t want your sort here. We run a clean house.

But Jackson is not listening. And neither are the event organisers who will present the singer with the Choppard Diamond Award for the artist who has sold more than 100million records.

It thus appears that the World Music Awards is an AGM for global music sellers. And after Jackson receives his bonus for exceeding the group’s sales target, perhaps Phil Collins will he handed a gold clock and Elton John given an award for equal opportunities and best funeral music.

But for now all eyes are on Jackson, making his first public performance since being cleared of child abuse charges last year.

And he intends to close the show with Thriller, including a recreation of that famous video.

And now the Sun wants it both ways. Having told Jackson to Beat It, the paper now says: “We all hope Jackson will blow us away with a scintillating show like in the good old days of old.”

Like the performance he gave another Awards do, The Brits, back in 1996. You know, the one where Jarvis Cocker mounted the stage as Jackson, who had picked up the ‘Artist of a Generation’ award, sang his Jesus-like Earth Song.

Here’s hoping for more of that…

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