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I’m On The Plane

by | 9th, November 2006

“I’M on the plane.”

What’s that, you say? You’re breaking up. I can’t hear you.

“I’m on the plane!”


“I’m on the plane! I’M ON THE PLANE!”

At which moment the doors are flicked to manual and Clive from accounts, on his way to Copenhagen for a meeting with the Danish office, is ejected from the aircraft.

There is much cheering on board. The captain executes a victory roll. The muzak strikes up. People dance.

That’s the dream. The reality, as told by the Mail, is that air passengers aboard Dubai-baaed airline Emirates are to be allowed to use mobile phones.

From early January it will be possible for passengers to make and receive calls at 20,000ft and above.

This is great news for some passengers. Clive will able to call the Denmark office. Armani will be able to tell her friends about the amazing boy sitting one seat behind. And the amazing boy will be able to have phone sex with his boyfriend in the onboard toilet.

It is less great news for anyone sitting next to Clive or Armani. And pretty awful news for anyone waiting to use the toilet…

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