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Paul Gascoigne’s Fairytale

by | 10th, November 2006

PAUL Gascoigne-Gascoigne, he’s fatter than you and me, he’s going to It-aly, Paul Gascoigne-Gascoigne…

Que sera sera.

Paul Gascoigne, England’s once great footballing icon is no longer off to make his name in Italy.
(The Mirror hears Gazza say that he scored one of his better goals in a Lazio shirt while drunk. Of course, if he was drunk at the time, the five men Gazza claims to have beaten may have been just one player, the referee or the corner flag. Alcohol can fog the mind and impair the memory.)

These days Gazza dreams of heading off to a new place. As the Sun’s headline says: “Gazza: I wanna live at Disney.”

As the man himself says: “Disney World in Florida is my favourite place. I f****ing love Mickey Mouse and every time I see the Cinderella Castle it’s my dream, it really is. I would love to live there all my life.”

But there may not be room at the castle for Gazza, a man who claims to wake each morning with 27 different addictions and problems to face.

Gazza’a away with the fairies. And what more fitting place for him than a fairytale castle…

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