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by | 15th, November 2006

IN October we read the Sun’s front-page headline: “LUNATIC GETS INTO No 10”. Today the Mail tells us: “FANTATIC AT THE HOME OFFICE.”

Just as the lunatic turned out not to be Tony Blair but an intruder carrying “quite a large” knife (and no, it was not Gordon Brown flashing his ceremonial claymore), this fanatic is not John Reid, the Home Secretary.

The fanatic is one Abid Javaid, by day a senior executive in the IT department at the Immigration and Nationality Directorate, and at weekends an activist in the fundamentalist Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, a group Tony Blair has vowed to outlaw.

As the Mail tells its readers, the group believes in a worldwide Islamic state and, as is the way with such things, for Jews to be killed.
The Mail has a picture of Javaid looking dishevelled as he opens his front door and peers through a narrow gap.

The Mail also has a picture of John Reid. The headline states: “I will evict yobs even if they own their own home say Reid.”

He’s a tough nut is Reid. You cannot get past him. He’s on to you. Although not you, Abid Javaid. You were exposed by a joint investigation between the BBC and Channel 4.

But, of course, Reid knew that. Didn’t he…

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