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Posh’s Chip Shape

by | 15th, November 2006

WHO is Sarah Harding?

Why, she is a singer in the popular reality-TV-made cabaret act Girls Aloud.

There’s blonde Sarah wearing a leopard-print dress at the royal gala performance of the latest James Bond film, a remake of Casino Royale.

And here’s Sarah again. She’s in the Sun having a “bitchy dig at Victoria”. Of course, Victoria is Her Poshness, clothes wearer of international repute and friend to Sun editor Rebekah Wade.

The paper says that Sarah has launched an “astonishing attack” on Posh. Before we get to what Sarah says, a friend of Vicky’s tells the paper: “People are always using her name to generate some publicity.”

So here is in Sarah on the front page of the Mirror. Admittedly, since Sarah is not all that well known, her picture does not appear, although one of Vicky does.

And we read the headline: “OUCH! ‘Posh looks anorexic. David can’t like’s sick’”

Inside (“POSH LOOKS SICK”), Sarah, still dressed in her now trademark animal-print dress, tells all. Says she: “I feel for Victoria. She’s always in the press and wears child sizes even though she’s a grown woman. It’s sick. Have some food.”

And not just any food. In case Vicky is not au fait with food or up to speed with what constitutes a “meal”, Sarah tells her: “She could certainly afford to eat a chip but she’d probably have one and want the plateful.”

Or go straight to the source and eat a raw potato…

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