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I’m With David Gest

by | 15th, November 2006

I’m A Celebrity…

IT is as clear as Toby Anstis’s girlish complexion that Liza Minnelli got the better end of the deal in her marriage to David Gest.

Rather then being a wimpering fool, Gest is I’m A Celebrity’s best entertainment by the length of Faith Brown’s bra straps.

What’s more, Gest is far removed from being the show’s most effete male. The competition for the role of camp camper is tough – someone called Scot Henshall (no, neither have we) may have believed himself to be the show’s man’s man in residence.

But that was not counting on the considerable challenge presented by Anstis, Anstis’s tight white underwear, and Cherie Blair’s half-sister Lauren Booth.

Incidentally, 35-year-old Toby’s girlfriend, Stephanie Stewart says she and Toby are tighter then his pants. “It’ll be hard to see him massaging another woman,” says she. “There’s no way he would ever cheat on me though. We’re a very strong couple and call each other at least 20 times a day.”

But nothing is as strong as David Gest.

Here was David wearing a snake around his neck. Here was David taking on Cherie Blair’s half-sister Lauren.

Standing by a pre-jungle drop hotel table laden with drink, Gest told Cherie Blair’s half-sister Lauren that he had read what she had said about him.

Cherie Blair’s half-sister Lauren had said: “He’s scarier than Michael Jackson. He’s got an ironing board face and I’m terrified.”

Rather then shy away from her, Gest told Cherie Blair’s half-sister that he did not admire her pisspoor writings. “You’ve had such great things to say about me in the papers today,” said Gest.

Cherie Blair’s half-sister Lauren replied: “You know it’s just those flippant remarks – you say things like that when you’re nervous – you say silly things on the phone.”

Yeah. Professional journalists and commentators are always saying things without thinking or researching what they’re saying. Tsk!

Cherie Blair’s half-sister Lauren then showed she had acquired none of Gest’s cool and got her top all wet.

Later Gest got wet in a Bushtucker Trial called Flash Flood, collecting six stars (equating to six meals) for his jungle mate.

Back at the camp, Gest told them: “They out two gators in with me and when I saw them I said: ‘Weren’t you at my wedding.”

Gest does the dares. Gest does the jokes. Don’t get Gest out of there…

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