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A Welcome Gest

by | 17th, November 2006

I’m A Clebrity…

LIZA Minnelli: I hope David Gest gets “f*****d by a kangaroo and eaten by crocs” in the Australian jungle.

Such is Gest’s growing legend that he may share his estranged wife’s ambitions.

Indeed, if either event was caught on camera, Gest would be hard to forget, and a shoo-in to win the £250 weekly prize on You’ve Been Framed and star on other TV outtakes shows.

But Gest is already proving himself to be an able star. Here he is asking Jan Leeming: “Does my hair look ridiculous.” Leeming assays the clumps and wood stain. “The fact that you have grown a beard and a moustache looks better,” says she. “Don’t shave, you look more butch.”

Leeming then adds: “Beards really turn me on.”

In which case she should grow one and then maybe learn to feel about herself and stop moaning. A bearded Leeming may turn out to be yet more attractive to Toby Anstis. It was he who asked: “What schoolboy didn’t have a crush on Jan Leeming?” At guess, we’d say al the schoolboys that weren’t you, Toby.

Anstis and Leeming are making decent fists at entertaining us. But it is Gest who leads the way in all things.

And for this reason, Gest features on the cover of the Mirror, the paper showing the world what he looked like “BEFORE” the surgery.

“When he was young people stopped mother in the street to tell her how beautiful David was,” says his sister Barbara. “It’s hard to believe that now. He does not look the same.”

Indeed, if at 53-years old Gest still looked as he did when aged 18 months, it would be still more incredible.

He’d look like Scott Henshall, or Pee-wee Herman, as he used to be known…

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