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by | 20th, November 2006

John Reid’s naughty step

NO one says “Respect” any more, at least not anyone outside the walls of Westminster.

But in Government, Respect is due. Respect has a co-coordinator. Respect is longer earned or demanded, it is coordinated in a concerted Government ploy to turn the nanny state into the Supernanny state.

Louise Casey is our Respect co-ordinator, and yesterday the Observer reported that she is impressed with the results of the course for parents of children with behavioural problems run at the Maudsley hospital in south London.

“Studies show there were significant improvements in the behaviour of children whose parents attended,” says the paper.

So such schemes do work. Or at least they do for people who want to attend them. And they work right up until the time the school bell rings and the harmonised families leave class.

This is terrific. We all get better behaved children and more hands-on parents. And this is what we want. As the paper reported, a Home Office poll into attitudes to antisocial behaviour found that four out of five respondents think parents should be held accountable for the behaviour of their children.

So parents are to be told how to parent. Here’s SuperManny John Reid, the Home Secretary, to explain: “Where parents are failing, the government has to offer them help.

“This help should always be offered to parents on a voluntary basis first. We know that most people accept help when offered. But where people really need it and their children are at risk we should not shy away from using court orders to make sure they attend parenting classes.”

It’s called interventionalism. And while many say that is doesn’t work, and can point to proof, statistical and otherwise to support, our claim, the Government pushes on regardless. It will be true to itself. Respect!

The Guardian says the Government has already committed £70 million to support parenting through the Respect Action Plan.

Mr Reid will invite us to sit up straight and listen attentively as he tells us more about his vision later in the week.

Anyone not paying full and undivided attention will be invited to sit on the naughty step, where they be have their eyes propped open on matchsticks and shown images of caring until they learn that resistance is futile and that they should Respect their Government.


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