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Gordon Brown’s Gruffalo

by | 22nd, November 2006

Gordon Brown’s early Chrismas

HAPPY Christmas!

But not so happy for the average mother who spends 13 whole days preparing for the seasonal binge.

According to a survey seen by the Mail, the average woman, let’s call her Cherie, spends 288 hours shopping, 4.19 hours wrapping presents, 3.03 hours decorating the house, 4.27 hours preparing the Christmas meal and 4.38 hours cooking it. And that’s a meal that lasts two hours and 13 minutes.

It’s amazing these average housewives have any time left to take their anti-depressants and drive to Kentucky Fried Turkey, let alone respond to a survey.

But here is something to cheer them up. It’s lying on the doormat. It’s card from Gordon Brown. The Star says this is “a very PC card from Gord”. It invites us to have a “happy multi-ethnic Christmas”.

It return for giving Gordon loads of your money over the past year, you receive a colourful card designed by Axel Scheffler, illustrator of the Gruffalo children’s books.

The Mail sees the card and the images of children from different ethnic backgrounds sat around a Christmas tree reading books.

The image complies with Brown’s children’s Christmas party at No 11. This year it is being hosted by the Booktrust charity, which aims to promote reading schemes.

Sadly what with budgets and so forth, Gordon will only be dispatching 10,000 cards this year. The advice is to pass the cards on until everyone has had ago.

And not to use it as bookmark for your copy of a Christmas Carol. Bah, humbug!

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