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Mindbend It Like Beckham II

by | 22nd, November 2006

When Beckham Met Cruise

WHY does everybody hate Tom Cruise?”

The Sun’ Jane Moore asks the questions. And before we can cite his failed marriages, spacey beliefs and height-adjusted wedding photos, we quickly we learn that not everyone does hate Tom Cruise. The question is misleading.

Jane Moore does not hate Tom Cruise. She lists Tom’s attributes – two adopted children, good relationships with two ex-wives, no anti-Semitic rants and so forth

And neither does David Beckham hate Cruise. Dave was unable to attend Tom’s wedding, but he did, nonetheless, get a gift.

The Star says Posh and Becks spent weeks trying to find the perfect gift for Tom and his blushing bride Katie Holmes. A source talks of his ‘n’ hr watches and home décor nicknacks.”

But after reviewing the full Swatch range, adult dummy display rack and a TrampoCouch, Posh ‘n’ Becks finally settled on giving Tom a David Beckham. As the paper says, and the Sun confirms, David will give Tom’s children Connor, 11, and Isabella, 13, a football lesson.

Given the alternative – a singing and dancing lesson from Posh – this is a brilliant prize. What young football fan would not relish the chance to learn a few tricks from Becks, and wow their friends with their bending freekicks and knowledge of image rights?

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